Laine de la Mer: Wool of the Sea


Some of my experimentations with Crali’s abstract human figure. The final figures ended up very geometric, but retained a fashion aesthetic through elongation.

One of many pages from my journal of design development. I was experimenting with shape and form and lots of pleating variations. I wanted to recreate the represntation of armour and military (Fascism)…but also to sculpt the body and present it in a different way.

Over the weekend I had a OCD with design development and came up with some 130 designs which I need to compress into 6 (I’ll scan in images tomorrow).
And there are still so many more techniques and aspects of my concept to explore before design selection! WHY IS THERE NEVER ENOUGH TIME!

For lack of better word, shit.

1933 Costume Design from the Giacomini Collection in Rome, Italy


I really really really like Tullio Crali’s abstract proportions of the human figure in these Futurist costume designs of the early 30s. I am experimenting in my journal with how geometric shapes can be used to create the human form…it supports my concept because it has that geometric theme, but also, it doesn’t rely on a lot of colour or shading, so I’ve been using reds and blues to accentuate key aspects of the figure but not overembellish it.

Posted on: March 20, 2010

“Futurism as a rebellion of life, intuition and feeling, as a stimulating and stormy spring, declares merciless war on that doctrine, those individuals, those works which repeat the past to the detriment of the future, keep it alive and celebrate it”

Francesco Balilla Pratella

This is a video of Hussein Chalayan’s SS 2007 collection. In my opinion, Chalayan is definately one of the leading designers of what I consider to be the new wave of Futurists, inspired by a pursuit to fuse ideas of clothing and technology to lead the way of fashion. They are innovative with shape, and form and practicality. To extreme levels! We can watch this video of Chalayan’s collection now and think he is just being insanely….avant garde and it is hard to think realistic about this kind of fashion, at the moment. But who knows what or how we will be wearing things in the next hundred years.

I think that is the main thing I have come to understand about the Futurist influence of fashion…that it is more of a focus on HOW we wear things, not necassarily what. Futurism certainly embraced colour and radiance, but in fashion, Futurism influence was found in the form and shape of a garment, and asymmetrical and geometrical shapes. Which is why I find, increasingly, how well the concept fits the criteria…considering we are restricted to the use of black wool.


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