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This doesn’t really have ANY relevance to my designs or concept at all…but….how cool was this song.
I once played a lobster on stage in primary school when we did The Little Mermaid as a stage production.
Too obsolete to play Ariel!

Post Easter break, which was consumed entirely of procrastination and generally avoiding work until the last minute…I have to start my patterning this week. I missed the last studio session to attend a forum with Stephen Jones…and since avoiding studio all week, I feel super guilty now!
Thank goodness I have my 5th edition of HJA’s Patternmaking for Fashion Design (if there was such thing as worshipping an object, it would be that book).


Over the weekend I had a OCD with design development and came up with some 130 designs which I need to compress into 6 (I’ll scan in images tomorrow).
And there are still so many more techniques and aspects of my concept to explore before design selection! WHY IS THERE NEVER ENOUGH TIME!

For lack of better word, shit.

Posted on: March 20, 2010

“Futurism as a rebellion of life, intuition and feeling, as a stimulating and stormy spring, declares merciless war on that doctrine, those individuals, those works which repeat the past to the detriment of the future, keep it alive and celebrate it”

Francesco Balilla Pratella

This is a video of Hussein Chalayan’s SS 2007 collection. In my opinion, Chalayan is definately one of the leading designers of what I consider to be the new wave of Futurists, inspired by a pursuit to fuse ideas of clothing and technology to lead the way of fashion. They are innovative with shape, and form and practicality. To extreme levels! We can watch this video of Chalayan’s collection now and think he is just being insanely….avant garde and it is hard to think realistic about this kind of fashion, at the moment. But who knows what or how we will be wearing things in the next hundred years.

I think that is the main thing I have come to understand about the Futurist influence of fashion…that it is more of a focus on HOW we wear things, not necassarily what. Futurism certainly embraced colour and radiance, but in fashion, Futurism influence was found in the form and shape of a garment, and asymmetrical and geometrical shapes. Which is why I find, increasingly, how well the concept fits the criteria…considering we are restricted to the use of black wool.

Err. Ok so I won’t be able to sleep until I nut this out of my mind.

Who were the futurists? What did they stand for? Why? What did it achieve? Were they rebelling? Were they creating? What is Futurusm? How and why was it modern? Is it relevant? Was it relevant?
What is Futurism now?

Futurism was a cultural movement in Italy from the early 1900s until the first world war broke out. Many people affiliated the movement with Fascism, because they appealed to the ideas of embracing modernity through technology: speed, noise, machines, pollution, cities, motion, energy, upheaval. Basically, they ran riot pursuing modernist superiority.

Their art, their clothes, their music, their architecture symbolized modernity through this sequential, busy, dimensional way of structure….vibrancy, motion and boldness. Images look like shattered mosaic put together haphazardously. It’s this crazy kind of mess that is so organized and defiant and confident and young and fearless and technologically advanced and fast and invincible.

And that is Futurism.
And we are scared of it.

This week we were briefed on a new design project, a swimwear collection titled Woollen Mermaids with which we create 6 designs and select one to be produced of black wool. I’ve spent days absorbed in my mind with ideas and possibilities and must-do’s and directions. Time to secure these insane atoms.

As mentioned, this blog is part of our studio network where we are all uploading our processes and developments throughout this project. It’s kind of like an online journal to store and share ideas, inspiration, concepts, research, discoveries…and there is the advantage of user feedback and comments, so, you know…throw a line. Personally, having that kind of interacti0n and bouncing ideas off eachother really makes me spiral into a little oblivion of rapture and shiny, shiny enlightenment. Tangents of eternity!

So yes.
Hello, this is my journal.
The blog name is French because I am slightly romanticised by the French translation of, “From the Sea”. All these connotations with liquid and weightlessness just spill out when “de la Mer” rolls off the tongue.
Am going to go jot them down as ‘concept development’.



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