Laine de la Mer: Wool of the Sea

Design resolutions

Posted on: May 2, 2010

I may have lost my cool a bit. I’m not going to lie, I came into studio very hungover with prevailing issues.
I went home, planned out alternatives which included:
1)  recreating the linework through stitch lines – but I was aware that using straight stitch would affect the stretch of the wool
2) altering the panel sizes – although when experimenting this, I found that it affected the design proportions
3) using a twin needling technique

I did experiment the twin needle technique, which when altering the needle tension, created a ripply effect across the fabric. I thought it would be a nice contrast if I twin needled the vertical pleats against the horizontal pleats along the bust. Twin needling, however, affects the stretch and is more suited to a woven fabric.

I ended up acquiring an extra 30cm of wool to work with which solved everything.


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  • Em: ahaha chelsea, I love this video, it's so emotional and good. I hope it's working out you silly solly.
  • Em: I have that book. Don't be fooled, its' not easy to follow! See you tomorrow fairyface
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