Laine de la Mer: Wool of the Sea


Posted on: April 11, 2010

This doesn’t really have ANY relevance to my designs or concept at all…but….how cool was this song.
I once played a lobster on stage in primary school when we did The Little Mermaid as a stage production.
Too obsolete to play Ariel!

Post Easter break, which was consumed entirely of procrastination and generally avoiding work until the last minute…I have to start my patterning this week. I missed the last studio session to attend a forum with Stephen Jones…and since avoiding studio all week, I feel super guilty now!
Thank goodness I have my 5th edition of HJA’s Patternmaking for Fashion Design (if there was such thing as worshipping an object, it would be that book).


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  • Em: ahaha chelsea, I love this video, it's so emotional and good. I hope it's working out you silly solly.
  • Em: I have that book. Don't be fooled, its' not easy to follow! See you tomorrow fairyface
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