Laine de la Mer: Wool of the Sea

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This week we were briefed on a new design project, a swimwear collection titled Woollen Mermaids with which we create 6 designs and select one to be produced of black wool. I’ve spent days absorbed in my mind with ideas and possibilities and must-do’s and directions. Time to secure these insane atoms.

As mentioned, this blog is part of our studio network where we are all uploading our processes and developments throughout this project. It’s kind of like an online journal to store and share ideas, inspiration, concepts, research, discoveries…and there is the advantage of user feedback and comments, so, you know…throw a line. Personally, having that kind of interacti0n and bouncing ideas off eachother really makes me spiral into a little oblivion of rapture and shiny, shiny enlightenment. Tangents of eternity!

So yes.
Hello, this is my journal.
The blog name is French because I am slightly romanticised by the French translation of, “From the Sea”. All these connotations with liquid and weightlessness just spill out when “de la Mer” rolls off the tongue.
Am going to go jot them down as ‘concept development’.




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  • Em: ahaha chelsea, I love this video, it's so emotional and good. I hope it's working out you silly solly.
  • Em: I have that book. Don't be fooled, its' not easy to follow! See you tomorrow fairyface